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From 26 November, more than 8,600 new weekly train, bus and ferry services will start across Sydney and surrounds. Some changes will be made to existing bus and ferry timetables to align with the new train timetable, making it easier for you to change between different modes of public transport.

Red Bus Services will introduce the following changes from this date:

Route 15 will extend to and from The Entrance via Toowoon Bay.
All trips on Route 21 will run via Yakalla St, Bateau Bay, instead of Shelly Beach Rd.
Route 26 will run via Reliance Dr, Tuggerah.
Route 27 will be replaced. Weekday services to Chittaway Point will be provided by Route 47. Weekend services will operate as Route 25.
Route 30 will run via Old Maitland Rd, Mardi, replacing Route 47 in this area.
Route 47 will run between Tuggerah and Ourimbah only, via Berkeley Vale and Fountaindale.
Mingara Recreation Club services will change. Routes 24, 45 and 48 will stop on Mingara Dr near Hansens Rd, instead of inside the Club grounds. Route 25 will run direct via Wyong Rd.
All other services will have timetable adjustments.
There are also changes to school bus services.

Download the new Bateau Bay Square timetable (Routes 19, 29, 45, 48)
Download the new Gosford City timetable (Routes 20, 40–44)
Download the new Gosford to The Entrance timetable (Routes 17–19, 21–23, 28)
Download the new Wyong to The Entrance timetable (Routes 15–16, 19, 24–26, 30, 47)

For school bus services: https://transportnsw.info/moving-forward/school-bus
Under “Find a timetable”, enter your route number, choose the correct service from the list, and view the “Valid from 26 Nov 2017” timetable.

For new train timetables, visit https://transportnsw.info/moving-forward/train

For more information on all of the changes across Sydney and surrounds, visit https://transportnsw.info/moving-forward

Catching a bus and train, or ferry and train is cheaper for tens of thousands of commuters from Monday 5 September with the introduction of a transfer discount for changing modes when travelling on public transport.

The new $2.00 transfer discount will start Monday morning every time an Adult Opal Card customer changes a mode of transport as part of the same journey.

Opal Card customers accessing concession fares will receive a transfer discount of $1.00 when they change mode on a journey.

Many customers travelling to work and home every day could see their transfer discount save money every week.

This is about making fares fairer for more customers and making public transport more compelling.

The Government has announced that Opal Card fares will continue to be frozen till July 2017 which means that fares have not increased on buses and light rail since 2014 and on trains and ferries since January 2015.

The Government has stated the changes to Opal are responsibly rebalancing the structure of Opal Card fares and benefits.

The transfer discount is a better strategic option for transport when compared to the Opal weekly travel reward free trip which is being changed from Monday as well.

Opal will still keep providing free trips for customers after they reach the daily fare cap, weekly fare cap and the hugely discounted Sunday $2.50 fare cap, but after eight paid journeys the discount will be set at 50% instead of the 100% discount free trip.

From 5 September the single trip tickets will see various increases across modes and bands as recommended by the independent pricing regulator to ensure they are a set premium price encouraging Opal Card usage.

Frequently asked questions for Opal fare changes

Red Bus Services would like to advise a minor timetable change starting Monday 27th June 2016. Route 44 08:18 Erina Fair to Gosford will cease to operate via Ernest Street, Erina (Erina High School). All other services will not be effected.

As from midnight Sunday 13 March, the bus stop at Wyong Road before Mingara Drive, Tumbi Umbi, West Bound (TSN2261104) will be permanently closed and relocated to Tumbi Creek Road before Clare Mace Crescent, Berkeley Vale due to Wyong Roadd upgrade by RMS.

Red Bus Services apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Introducing the School Opal Card

The School Opal Card gives eligible school students free travel on public transport between home and school on trains, buses and ferries within the Opal network.

The School Opal Card replaces the old paper School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) travel passes.

Who can apply?

Students need to live a minimum distance from their school to be eligible for a School Opal Card, as follows:

Years K-2 (Infants)
There is no minimum distance.

Years 3-6 (Primary)
1.6km straight line distance or 2.3km walking or further.

Years 7-12 (Secondary)
2.0km straight line distance or 2.9km walking or further.

Who needs to apply?

Many students will receive a School Opal Card automatically. It will be sent to their school at the start of the 2016 school year.

However, you will need to apply if:

  •   applying for a school travel pass for the first time
  •   enrolling in Kindergarten
  •   progressing from Year 2 to Year 3
  •   progressing from Year 6 to Year 7
  •   changing name, school and/or address
  •   requesting an additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation.

Applications must be made by a parent or legal guardian if you are less than 16 years of age. If you are 16 years or older you need to complete and sign the application form yourself. Applications are subject to eligibility criteria. For full details visit https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/

How to apply

Step 1

Complete the School Opal Card application form here https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/.

Step 2

Print, sign and date the completed form and submit it to your school for endorsement.

Step 3

Your school sends the endorsed application to Transport for NSW. Once approved, the School Opal Card will be sent to the home address you provided in the application.

Better together

The School Opal Card is only for travel to and from school on school days and does not cover travel to after school care, school excursions, sport and other activities away from school, so it is a good idea to get a Child/Youth Opal card for personal travel.

Child/Youth Opal card benefits for kids (and parents)

Here is a quick show and tell:

  •  Travel on trains, ferries, buses and light rail with one ticket.
  •  Never pay more than $7.50* per day Monday to Saturday.
  •  Never pay more than $2.50* on Sundays.
  •  After eight paid journeys you travel free* with Opal thanks to the Weekly Travel Reward.

*Excluding Sydney Airport station access fee